McKay is now 5 months! Where has time gone?  I have been meaning to write about him since he turned 4 months and am obviously a month behind.
Here are a few little tidbits about little Mac.
He has been sleeping through the night since he was about 6 weeks old. I keep thinking my luck will run out at some point, but so far so good. Mac is such a good natured baby and has lots of smiles for everyone. He especially loves Hannah and already follows her (with his eyes) wherever she goes. His eyes light up and he gets so excited when she sits and plays with him. They are good buddies already. Mac got his first tooth (bottom left) the day before he turned 4 months and the other bottom tooth quickly followed a few days later. The first thing I noticed about Mac when he was born were his big hands and how sturdy he was. He has continued to put on weight and has been wearing some 9 month clothes since he was 4 months. I have been disappointed a few times when I have gone to put on a 6 month outfit and he had already grown out of it. Mac is really starting to become vocal and babbles all the time. His favorite thing to say is "dada" which makes Jake very happy. He is getting pretty close to sitting on his own. He just needs a little support every so often.
Here are his measurements from his 4 month appointment:
Weight: 17 lbs, 2 oz (90%)
Length: 26.5 inches (90%)
Head: 17 inches (75%)

you can see his two bottom teeth in this picture


2 years!

Hannah turned 2 a few weeks ago and I didn't want too much time to go by without writing about it. Hannah's birthday was on a Friday. We had a few friends over that day to play. When Jake got home from work that evening we took Hannah swimming and out for an ice cream cone.  

The big party with family was the next day.
One of Hannah's favorite animals is a monkey, so we went with that theme for the party. Hannah and her cousins all had fun playing in the little pool.   

Hannah loved opening her presents. She had to put the presents that were clothing items on as she opened them.

Before her birthday we took Hannah to the store to try out different tricycles Hannah insisted on wearing a helmet. So we decided to get her one. It is still a little big, but I can't complain, she is learning to be safe early:)

Hannah was so excited to open her new bike. She kept yelling "my bike", "my bike" as she opened the present. It was definitely a hit!

The kids dove into the cake after we sang. Luckily we had plenty of cupcakes for the adults!

Here is the cute 2-year old. My little girl is growing up way too fast!

Here are Hannah's measurements from her 2 year appointment:
Weight: 27 lbs (55%)
Length: 35.8 (90%)
Head: 18.5 (25%)

A few things about Hannah:

One of my favorite things about Hannah is that she has always been really friendly since she was tiny and doesn't hesitate to go to anyone. She is still that way. She is a little timid about trying new things at first, but she usually gets over it pretty fast once she realizes that whatever it is she is doing (swimming lessons, music group etc.) is ok. She is pretty resiliant and bounces back quickly after getting hurt. She dropped a brick on her little toe a few weeks ago and lost her toenail. She hardly even cried and never mentioned it again as her toe was healing. Hannah has inherited her dad's fear of heights. I am actually glad about this because I never have to worry about either of them doing anything too crazy. This  trait has also kept Hanah from being daring enough to climb out of her crib (another plus). Hannah loves music, dancing, dressing up, reading books and coloring.  

I had to throw this picture in here also. My birthday is just a week before Hannah's (she was actually due on my birthday but was 1 week late). I had such a wonderful day spending it with my kids and sweet husband.



Megan comes home!

My little sister Megan came home from her mission to Orlando Florida about a month ago. It has been so fun to see her again and spend the past month with her. Hannah is already in love with her and is loving all of the attention Megan gives her.

All of my sisters came to town during the past month for Megan's homecoming. We packed a years worth of fun into a few weeks.

We began the month water skiing and tubing with my cousin's family. This was Hannah and Mac's first time on a boat. Hannah was a little hesitant about being on a boat at first but ended up loving it. She even got on the tube and went for a ride with Jake. Mac was mostly oblivious to the whole thing except for the part when we stuffed him into a very uncomfortable life jacket.

(Hannah and Jake on the tube)

We spent a day downtown visiting Temple square.
This is a picture of all the grand kids except McKay. He was asleep in his stroller at the time.

Hannah and Grandma

Hannah loved visiting the statue of Christ. She kept standing in front of him jumping while reaching her arms way up toward him. (I wish I would have gotten it on video.)

All the girls got dressed up and danced to the music at the Children's section of the Church History Museum.

We visited Wheeler Farm,

and the zoo.

We went swimming.

We went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. While we were there we went on a wagon ride.

Hannah got to ride a pony and loved every minute of it.

We took advantage of the 50 cent ice cream cones.

We spent an afternoon with Great Grandma and enjoyed hearing her tell stories about her childhood. She just turned 99 in July!

We went to the aquarium.

My sister took family pictures for everyone while she was visiting. Thanks again Rachel.

That wraps up a little chunk of  our summer. It was so much fun to have my sisters and their families in town for a while. We  miss seeing them already. (More posts to come from earlier this summer.)

Catching Up...

I feel so overwhelmed when I think of how far behind I am on this blog. I have decided to start with the most recent events and work backward....
Jake and I celebrated our 4th anniversary about a week ago. We went and saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at the Hale Center Theatre and ended the evening with an amazing dinner at The Melting Pot. It was the first time either of us had been there and we both rolled out of the restaurant and into bed that night with very happy and full tummies.

The greatest accomplishments and blessings over the last 4 years....

are these two little cuties in our lives.


1 Month already!

1 month ago today this little guy joined our family. At his 2 week doctor apt. Mac had gained back his birth weight plus some. He weighed 9 lbs 2 oz. I feel like he is probably up to 10 lbs now. He is such a great little eater and so far (we will cross our fingers) has been such a great sleeper. We all love him so much! Hannah has adjusted surprisingly well (again I am crossing my fingers) and she loves to shower him with hugs and kisses. (We took these pics when Mac was 3 weeks old.)