McKay is now 5 months! Where has time gone?  I have been meaning to write about him since he turned 4 months and am obviously a month behind.
Here are a few little tidbits about little Mac.
He has been sleeping through the night since he was about 6 weeks old. I keep thinking my luck will run out at some point, but so far so good. Mac is such a good natured baby and has lots of smiles for everyone. He especially loves Hannah and already follows her (with his eyes) wherever she goes. His eyes light up and he gets so excited when she sits and plays with him. They are good buddies already. Mac got his first tooth (bottom left) the day before he turned 4 months and the other bottom tooth quickly followed a few days later. The first thing I noticed about Mac when he was born were his big hands and how sturdy he was. He has continued to put on weight and has been wearing some 9 month clothes since he was 4 months. I have been disappointed a few times when I have gone to put on a 6 month outfit and he had already grown out of it. Mac is really starting to become vocal and babbles all the time. His favorite thing to say is "dada" which makes Jake very happy. He is getting pretty close to sitting on his own. He just needs a little support every so often.
Here are his measurements from his 4 month appointment:
Weight: 17 lbs, 2 oz (90%)
Length: 26.5 inches (90%)
Head: 17 inches (75%)

you can see his two bottom teeth in this picture

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